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already legalised in The Netherlands, and could be legalised very soon in Belgium. I have also used both sites at least sparingly over the past maybe 5 years. In many cities, there is a street known as the 'Mall where brothels are located and prostitutes gather. As I have recently broken up with my girlfriend, I am currently more looking for casual dating and/or casual sex. Hey there, I decided to give online dating a shot. In my case, speed and volume of responses on Ebay were significantly higher. There seem to be more niche sites in Germany for different categories of Craigslist.

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Jobs in the sex trade are sometimes advertised in job centres. Berlin there's even an organisation of prostitute's customers, call 'Lust und Prostitution'. Also, a friend told me to just use regular chatrooms. Sex in Austria, sex in Switzerland, sex in South Africa. The manager of the brothel, a bar in Dresden, said that the sex industry was a very good indicator of the economy as a whole, and that business had dropped about 50 in recent months. So yeah, basically my question is: Are there German alternatives to Okcupid and Craigslist? The prostitutes' union gave their approval thinking that it might cheer up unemployed people. These streets are usually pedestrianised, so you have to walk there or get dropped of by a taxi, and of course you have to be 18 to go there. The precise nature of prostitution in Germany varies from place to place. Any Input is appreciated! What do you guys do if you're looking for casual sex / dating, but dont want to hit the bars etc? Germany currently has very high unemployment rates, which lead one brothel manager to offer 20 discounts to unemployed clients.


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